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          大满贯app - 大满贯街机游戏致力于安全教育。所有大满贯app - 大满贯街机游戏学生在程序中,与高山之外必须采取安全1000和1001的安全而采取这些安全课程不要求学生ALP,他们有机会获得这样做,如果他们选择。

          • 谁在九月开学的学生须在9月成功完成这两门课程的学生30.谁开始9月份将有机会进入到课程在8月。在一年中的其他时间启动程序的学生有望从开课完成4个星期内的课程。
          • These courses are provided to all students enrolled in a 大满贯app - 大满贯街机游戏 program. SAFE 1000 and SAFE 1001 provide a basic introduction to Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). These courses also establish a foundation for more specific safety practices students may learn as part of their program.


          1. 线上 - 要开始,你将需要你的大满贯app - 大满贯街机游戏的用户ID和密码,通过电子邮件发送给您
          2. 亲自 - 期间,在选择校园秋季,冬季和春季学期使用。日期将在显示 nscc.ca/coned.

          转学分: If you have already received OH&S and/or WHMIS certification from an accepted trainer, you can request a transfer credit.

          请求转学分,完成 转学分的形式 (PDF 424KB),附上您的认证卡(S)的副本,它在您的校园提交给学生服务。

          Accepted Trainers & Courses

          • 安纳波利斯河谷地区学校董事会
          • Automotive Trades Association Atlantic Canada (Dartmouth) - OH&S/WHMIS
          • CFK Inc./Minas Basin Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd. - OH&S/WHMIS
          • Courtney's First Aid and Safety Training Inc. (Lower Sackville) - OH&S/WHMIS
          • Frontline Safety - OH&S/WHMIS
          • Highland 资源 Career College (Sydney) - OH&S/WHMIS
          • 小鬼组/航天除法
          • Maritime Drilling 学校 Ltd - 没有va Scotia Campus (Sydney) - OH&S/WHMIS
          • 海洋环境培训学院
          • 没有va Scotia Construction Safety Association - OH&S/WHMIS
          • 没有va Scotia Safety Council - OH&S/WHMIS
          • Occupational Health and Educational Services (2002) - OH&S/WHMIS
          • Precision Finished Components/Tesma 国际 (Sydney) - OH&S/WHMIS
          • St. John's Ambulance (Branches across Canada follow the same OH&S/WHMIS curriculum)
          • 邵氏公司

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